Unclouded Computing

Companies are under pressure from all sides to deliver ever better IT systems. They must satisfy customer expectations as well as adapting to changing work habits. They must maintain security while widening access, increase efficiency as well as agility, and be a source of insight, innovation and competitive advantage.

But perceived obstacles to change, such as cost, legacy technology, security, and risk of interruption or failure can make desirable shifts like cloud computing and digital transformation seem out of reach to many but the largest organisations.

New, more intelligent, flexible and simpler approaches are needed.

Azured makes it easy to realise the full benefits of digital transformation.

“Our global team, who operate from 13 countries around the world, went home on Friday evening and came back on Monday morning and everything worked. You can’t ask for more than that – but Azured delivered more, for less. They have delivered an environment that is cost effective to run, and a service is reliable, easier to manage and more secure.”

Keith O’Hara, Group Technology and Information Director, Hyve Group PLC